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IMG_20191221_113800_788Hello again my friends,

The world has a new normal and we have heard statements like “The time for further action is now,” Stay-at-home because of Covid-19. My family has been doing the right things like Staying home and washing their hands, but what about animals like me? I’m scared for my friends and neighbors animals besides me. I have been busy searching for the best of the best vet to answer this question .


Veterinarian Dr. Zac Pilossoph, a Long Island, NY born about Covid-19 and pets. He has been nationally recognized veterinary medical professional . A top graduate of Tufts University Veterinary School of Medicine with postgraduate focused training in E/CC and Neurology/Neurosurgery at two of the most prestigious programs in the country, and a young multidimensional serial entrepreneur. He has rapidly and single-handedly crafted a new wave of diverse global evolution and empowerment. In addition to launching several novel platforms in the extremely relevant mental wellness field, as well as establishing himself as one of the premier global veterinary cannabis educational experts, Zac is simultaneously positively advancing the clinical veterinary industry in many more ways than one.


I know you are all waiting for what Dr. Zac Philossoph said about us animals getting Covid-19 and what do we do..

So here it is….

IMG_20200407_161034_953Hopefully is good news for me about Covid-19 so I don’t have to live in a soda box..

Okay for real now ,,, here is what Dr. Zac Philossoph said…

  1. What is a civet and how does that relate to new findings on COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) and cats?

During the last SARS-CoV event in 2003-04, it appears the virus originated in the bat species, which held it in its population until it was able to mutate to another species known as a civet – a suborder mammal in the cat family. The civet allowed for a transfer of the virus to humans. This historical understanding gives us the knowledge that felines may have had a role in the last SARS-CoV spread.

  1. Can a dog contract or transmit COVID-19?

There is no evidence that canines can contract or transmit COVID-19. In rare cases, a dog could act as a passive carrier and spread the virus if it, for example, was able to survive on top of his fur after an infected person spread their respiratory droplets on the dog. However, your dog would not be infected and the odds of contracting the virus from a passive source like a dog’s fur are very slim.

  1. Can I give my cat COVID-19 and/or can they give me COVID-19?

If you were to test positive for COVID-19, human to cat transmission is suspected to be possible – but it’s rare. Also, the virus appears to be less severe if a cat contracts COVID-19 from a human than in a human-to-human transmission. If infected, cats can then easily spread the virus to other cats the same way humans do, through respiratory droplets. In addition, it’s possible that a cat could spread COVID-19 to a human, though we don’t know to what effect. To date, no cases of cat to human transmission have been reported. If a cat may have been exposed to an infected human, take the precautions of quarantining them, not handling the cat, and washing hands frequently.

  1. What are the symptoms my cat will exhibit if they have COVID-19?

Cats, in theory, may be more accustomed to seeing the virus evolutionarily and being able to fight it off more effectively than humans. However, the symptoms humans experience could be the same for cats. Yet, so far in cats, we’ve seen symptoms of respiratory distress, such as a dry cough, and diarrhea. It’s very important to note that there are many other reasons that a pet could experience these symptoms – such as stress, inflammatory asthma or infectious bowel disease. Those cats with these pre-existing conditions are also at a higher risk, just as in humans.

  1. What should I do if I think my cat has COVID-19?

If you suspect that your cat may have COVID-19, it’s important not to panic, be afraid of them or get rid of them. Instead you should write down your concerns and follow these general guidelines:

  • Ask, did my cat have an opportunity to be exposed to the coronavirus from other cats or humans? For example, was it out on a porch where it could come across a neighborhood outdoor cat or a feral cat? If the answer to that is no, the chances of your cat having COVID-19 are very low due to the disease almost always spreading through respiratory droplets in close quarters with another infected individual, or cat in this case.
  • If your cat is showing symptoms that are similar to the coronavirus, write them down. Then, call your veterinarian or an emergency clinic line – do not take your cat anywhere – and discuss these signs and your concerns with the veterinary team over the phone. Allow them to determine if your cat is actually showing signs and if they should be tested. In the very rare case the vet is concerned, they will take the appropriate steps, which can include informing state officials and consulting on the proper steps of how to have your cat tested.
  1. Should I isolate my cat even if they don’t have symptoms, no longer petting or snuggling them?

If your cat is acting normal and has no symptoms, you should treat them as you normally do. This is the time to keep your cats closer than ever, not push them away. Essentially, the same quarantine measures humans have been advised to follow should be implemented for cats as well.

  1. What are the necessary precautions I should take to protect my furry family members?

The same principles that we’re taking for human protection should be applied to furry family members – cats and dogs alike. Keep your pets away from animals or people outside of your home, keep an eye on your pet’s behaviors, avoid any opportunities for exposure to respiratory secretions and, if you suspect they’re showing symptoms, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk with your veterinarian

20200408_085220Wheww… I’m relieved to hear this news,,  especially the part about snuggling!!


Let’s all of us do our part to get through this pandemic like Stay home and snuggle your pets so we can get back to our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article and hope this information gave you some peice of mind and Thank you to Dr. Zac Philossoph for your knowledge and helping me understand more about this pandemic.

Hope to see you all again soon don’t forget to visit my sites and would really like to hear from you. Leave me a comment and tell me about your pet.


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Looking for a new cat toy?

Looking for a new cat toy?

Is your cat bored with there old toys?  Well I’ve brought you a new product hot off the shelf called Bright Bopper. It’s a new irresistible light up toy that bounces, lightweight to play fetch with or you can make them shoot across the room but pressing down on them they bounce and shoot across the room for hours of fun.


  • Touch activated LED cat toy
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  • Just press down to spring it into action
  • Lightweight so cats can bat and chase it
  • Stimulates all of your cat’s senses
  • Foam ball is safe for chewing
  • Mesh body great for cat’s claws
  • 3 bright fun colors
  • Great for cats of all ages
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Kitty tested and kitty approvedYou can also stand them up and watch your cat knock them down one hybrid one.Angel love to knock them over even bat them around like a ball.
  • They are the purffect size to carry around too.Bright Bopper are great to get your cat active again and have some special one on one time that they demand from us humans. Let me get you the website to see for yourself and don’t forget to watch the video on Bright Bopper too.
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  • Thank you for stopping by I hope your kitty likes the Bright Bopper as much as I do. Before you go drop me a fee lines I would love to hear your thoughts,


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I’m back



I’m so excited to be back and see all my friends like you all. Its been a very busy few years with 2 moves and one of those moves I rode in a car from Wisconsin moving to Arizona. I stayed in 3 hotels along the way. The second move was 10 months later moved to another city in Arizona they were for dads job. It was very exciting and scary ,but I can say Arizona I can play outside all year long because of the beautiful weather besides all the lizards and birds to play with.


This is my mom who has been recovering from major foot surgery this last year so its been very difficult for her to take photos for you this is the other reason why I’ve been gone. I stayed by her side the whole time.



I was her security guard and…


I would keep her company by playing with with her. I would even get my daily brush right on moms bed.


But I do admit this wasn’t a hard job carrying for mom.


We did have alot of time for chats and nose kisses..


Now that mom getting better I help her by making her walk to get her physical therapy in , but I managed to get some blades of grass along the way. It’s a win, win for both of us.


What does it mean I’m Back?


It means that I can share stories with you and bring you some interesting cat products reviews with my thoughts on them and new videos to watch me play on YouTube. I’m excited for what this New Year brings.


And really you don’t want to miss this because I can get myself into some predicermint.


Thank you for your support and I hope to see you all again very soon. I would love to hear from you so leave me a comment and say hi.

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Static Schmatic for Purfection

Static Schmatic for Purfection

Have you ever had a bad hair day where the static electricity in your hair is uncontrollable? Well, I was lucky to try Static Schmatic that saved the day. Here’s a little about this new product .

About Static Schmatic :

Static Schmatic® was created by the mother/daughter team, Kris and Whitney, who live in the picturesque mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

It was a particularly cold winter, and we were entangled with static – on our hair, clothes and kids. There weren’t any products we would spray on ourselves, let alone my children (Kris’ grandchildren), so we got to work! 

We wanted a solution that was all natural, safe for the environment, odor-free and stylish so we teamed up with a natural chemist who created just that. Each product is different, but they all contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, salt, and coconut oil to name a few. As soon as we found the right formulations, we brought them to the professionals. Local retailers used Static Schmatic for Clothes in fitting rooms, local salons used Static Schmatic for Hair on their clients and our local animal shelter used Static Schmatic for Pets in the “cat room”. Rave reviews started pouring in. Everyone loved the Static Schmatic line! 

Turns out, we’re not the only ones who needed a natural solution to taming static, and we’re thrilled to share it with you and yours. Static Schmatic products are made in small batches to ensure freshness, and everything from our bottles to our hand-applied labels to our ingredients comes from the United States of America. 

Static Schmatic gives you the power to safely battle static in a graceful and stylish way while still breathing the clean air around you. We hope you love it!

I do get static in my fur and during my morning bushings mom tried Static Schmatic on my fur and I was amazed how it worked. No more static! 

With our cold winters here in Wisconsin you really have a big problem with static electricity. My fur Flys and sticks to everything. Static Schmatic is all natural so won’t hurt animals and it even smell really good too.

Key Ingredients

We only use clean, all natural ingredients sourced from the USA. Plus, we’re hypoallergenic, gluten-free and we don’t test on animals. Our formulas are created in small batches to ensure that our high-quality ingredients stay fresh and effective for you. Each formula is different, but these are the only ingredients we ever use:

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant. Inside the pale green stalks is the flesh and clear gel that are widely known for their healing and soothing properties on skin and hair.

Coconut Oil
An edible oil, which has recently become very popular, coconut oil is growing in the number of benefits and remedies it provides. It’s considered a super-food that has a long list of health and beauty advantages, which include adding moisture, shine and smoothness to hair. The oil is extracted from the white flesh of coconuts and in its purified form, it also has natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities.

Vanillin is the key element found in the extract of vanilla beans. It’s an organic compound commonly used to flavor drinks and food. It carries a delicious, sweet scent that gently fades over time.

Distilled Water
Distilled water is a clean, high quality form of water that has undergone the distillation process to eliminate impurities. Distilled water is not prone to having a mineral build up, which is why we use it in this form.

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless liquid that is known for adding moisture to products. It’s a key component in natural hair products because it strengthens hair, adds moisture and elasticity and may even stimulate hair growth.


Salt is one of the oldest minerals known for its edible qualities as a seasoning. It’s also used as a colorless, odorless means to preserve fresh ingredients, which is why it plays an important role in Static Schmatic.

Plant-based soap

The soap we source has botanical ingredients and is free of synthetic chemicals. It’s carefully preserved to maintain the integrity of the natural plants from which it comes. This provides natural cleaning properties to each

Static Schmatic has been a life saver for me since I have pawarrizzi following me daily and I need to look my best.

If you want more information about Static Schmatic I’ll have the links below but before you go in would like to hear from you of what you thought about this new product.

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