Angel’s Favorites 2016 Cat gifts for the Holidays 

Angel’s Favorites 2016 Cat gifts for the Holidays 

Everyone is getting worried with Christmas around the corner , but I’m here to help with some of your fun gifts you could pick up for your friends pets and your family pets.

First on the list is making a card either for the holidays or for your pet symphony cards from The Stationery Studio. They made these beautiful special cards for my cat Nakita who passed away a few years ago and they turned out gorgeous . They make cards for all occasions so with Christmas around the corner you might want to get your orders in.

Website :

My next favorite is a Catfeine cup bed by Captain Catnip they make the most unique cat trees and beds with great quality making every detail matter . They even personalize your Catfeine beds with any color or if you want your pets Name on it. You can find Captain Catnip at

I know you have seen this from my last week review story , but this movie Nine Lives had to make my holiday gift ideas because it is a wonderful holiday family movie . You can purchase at Amazon .

This next cat products by Catastrophic Creations a sisal step without this step I couldn’t get up or down from my favorite spot on the wall I love to call my tree house .

 I could go on all day about this wonderful company who has built a pawsome cat products that will amaze you all. There products are made to last and are so beautiful made even to match a room color in your home. I think I’ll let you decide for yourself just follow the link below .

You might want to hold on because I have more cat products to pick from that are my favorite from this year. purr.purr.

Surprise !  My next pick is the Niko flies toy .

2014-12-12-11.27.12.jpg.jpegNeko catipiller is Pawsome it has movable parts to make it real like.

This toy comes in different real like bugs or even a mouse so you can play indoors or outside with your kitty . This would make a great gift for your cat for Christmas too. You can find more about this toy by the link below .

Oh good your are still here . . because I still have a few more gifts you might not want to miss.

 I have here the sweetest Christmas Story ever written and it’s called Christmas at the Cat Cafe by Melissa Daley. It’s a adorable story about kittens who live in a Cafe it brings uncertainty and adventure and maybe a Christmas miracle too. Molly and her kittens lives in feline paradise while locals service homemade goodies. But with even the most idyllic surrounding things don’t always go to plan.

You can find this book at or Amazon -

I’m ending my gift search here with some fantastic Catnip toys from our shop at Katzenworld the Catnip is very unique and makes us cats go crazy for it.

So don’t forget your kitty this holiday season and pack his or her stocking full of toys because we love toys! You can head to our store on Katzenworld blog to have your catnip gigerbread man or a catnip shark shipped now.



Here’s the link -

I hope you all enjoyed my favorite cat toys for 2016 and dont forget to out your orderd in.

We wish you all a safe a Happy Holiday!

See you soon and don’t forget to stop by and say hello and tell me your favorite cat products.

Love Angel’s Eyes -Persian

About Angel's Eyes - Persian

Angel has a big personality with a big heart. She was born September 24, 2013 in Chicago. She is very smart and learns anything by showing her once. She has won 12 photos contest and also has done advertising for pet tags for A Pets Life. She will play with any toy and would make a great product tester for toys.

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